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How to Open a Waste Management Business?

August 26, 20227 min read

Discover how to create a waste management business profitable even when no one produces waste in your community.

I know that you are wrinkling your eyebrows wondering “what the hell are you saying?”

I know this might be confusing. How is it possible to create a waste management business even when no one in my community produces waste?

How can a community not produce waste? Is it really possible?

These are only a few of the questions that are crowding your mind.

I know them and they are the right questions if you think about waste production.

But before I move ahead let me tell you that unfortunately behind the opening of a waste management business, there is always a similar problem.

People think that opening a waste management business is like opening a supermarket only because they satisfy the needs of the citizens and the population of the country.

That’s the most impactful mistake that people make.

Not just because it impacts the entrepreneur’s pocket when they decide to launch their business, but also because this mistake has a bad impact on the community’s environment and results in a number of issues. Uncollected rubbish, waste spread across fields, local residents’ quality of life, and more are a few examples.

If you pay attention, the typical reasons for this mistake are the same reasons a supermarket or a small market in your city fails. Low level of market awareness, low level of competitor information, and little to no knowledge of how to promote a business in the market.

You run the same risk of making these mistakes when starting a waste management company. It is completely comparable to a grocery store or a supermarket. The needs that must be met differ, but the method for moving forward is the same.

For that reason, if you are a waste manager and you decide to launch your own business, you need to read this article. It will help to avoid wasting tons of money and millions of seconds of your time.

First of all, I want to draw your attention to one point: every single year all around the world millions of shops (groceries, supermarkets and more) close down due to the mistakes that I mentioned above.

What you probably don’t know is that thousands of waste businesses close for the same problems. Yes, the same problems.

But where do these problems originate from?

In waste management, the biggest mistake is in considering waste as something of no value at all.

Due to this, business consultants in the field won’t guide you to gather these valuable materials in a different way, and they won’t frequently advise you to keep an eye on or promote a firm nearby that could employ the secondary raw materials generated in your facility to make goods or commodities.

They only give you the indication about the number of inhabitants in the area and starting from that they create a hypothesis about the quantity of the waste that is possible to collect considering the eventual presence of competitors.

As you can easily understand this model, especially nowadays, it’s not only obsolete but it’s something that cannot work for the new role of the waste management businesses.

It works only in the mind of the business consultants that you have involved.

Unfortunately for you, googling you’ll continue to find the same approach.

I tried searching before the publication of this article “How to open a waste management business”. That’s the result:

How to Open a Waste Management Business?

As you can see the focus is on technical activities when the first step could be the measurement of the importance of proper waste management in the population. 

In fact, without these data how is it possible to launch a waste management business nowadays?

It’s like trying to go into the desert to find an oasis without using GPS details.

The chances of finding it are few and, unless you have substantial capital to invest, you’re risking failure even before starting.

And that is what happened to the thousands of waste management businesses that started last year and that now are closing or selling their license.

For that reason today I decided to give you the right direction to follow because you, as a waste manager and as a future waste management business owner, have an important role for the entire planet.

Yes, not only for your community.

Everything starts in your community, but has an impact all around the world because your model could be implemented in another country with the same characteristics or the same problems.

As I mentioned, I’ll talk to you about a waste management business profitable even if your community doesn’t produce waste.

In fact, if you start considering waste as materials to recycle and produce other goods. That gives you the first idea about what it means to be in a waste management business that doesn’t collect waste.

Let me give you an example.

Think for a moment about what happens when you need to buy a spare part for your car or your truck. In front of you, you have 2 options: you can buy a new one or a used one.

Buying the new one, you go to the spare parts shop and with the details about your car, the guys inside the shop are able to give you the spare part that you need. 

Buying the used one, you can go to a car scrapper or to its shop and using the details of your car they are able to give you the same part used and in most cases refurbished like the new one.

What is the difference between the spare parts?

One is new, produced with “new materials”, the other one is like new, especially if refurbished.

I know that you are asking “Hey Sam what does that means?”.

Think about what the car scrapper sees when he/she collects an old car to dismantle. He/she sees tons of iron and steel, in some cases, but in a lot of cases, he/she sees the opportunity to collect hundreds of spare parts to refurbish or to sell them to the company that refurbishes them.

He/she is using the approach that you as a waste manager could assume before opening your waste management business.

In fact, if you start with that approach you stop considering the waste that citizens of your community, or your country, are producing and you start to consider them as products.

That means that considering them as products if you want to increase the quantity and the quality of the products produced you need to do one thing: promote the production.


As happens in production companies, you need the creation of a simple and functional process that drives the production. As an example, you could share the characteristics of the plastics that you want to collect diffusing what are the differences between the 7 types of plastics and how they can individuate them in an easy way. 

At the same time to motivate the production, you have to create a bonus challenge that awards the best producer in the city. 

These are only a few examples that you need to think about before opening a waste management business. 

At the same time, you need to think about the second part of your business.

In fact, if on one side you have the product on the other side you need to sell the products.

What are your products?

The secondary raw materials that your plant produces.

That means that you need knowledge of the market of the raw materials and of the market of secondary raw materials.

But that’s only the beginning point. In fact, you need the connection between you and the potential clients for the secondary raw materials.

For that, you have to attract potential clients by creating a brand and a value proposition for your products. To do that you have to create something that differentiates you from your competitors (direct and indirect).

It could be special treatment, a special requirement, an exclusivity of your process, or your business approach.

That’s the approach that gives you the opportunity to open a waste management business that generates revenues for the company supporting the community by solving the waste problem but at the same time, it supports the growth of the local economy supporting production companies with the supply of secondary raw materials for their production.

This is what we do in MiM® Marketing Interim Managers every single day.

With this experience we decided to create Marketing4Waste MasterClass the first Marketing & Sales MasterClass totally dedicated to waste managers and people in waste management where we’ll teach you about Marketing, Branding, Social Media, Copywriting, Sales, and more to manage or Open a Waste management business that will be aligned with the new role of waste management in the planet.

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