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How to Pass From a Junk Removal Business to a Waste Management Company

May 14, 20243 min read

The sad reality in business is that your company will die if you don’t craft it with your values.

Internalizing and seamlessly integrating your values into your company's mission is crucial at the foundation of your entrepreneurial journey. This alignment is not just a step but a key to your business's success and longevity.

In my career, I met many big companies that failed in their branches due to the people they involved. Analyzing the reason behind that, it was clear that if the headquarters of the company there were shared the company’s values in their branches, these values were not shared.

Or better, the people in charge of sharing these values didn’t share them.

That’s because not everyone can be a testimonial of and share the company’s values. 

The results were a complete misalignment of the people and, worst, the end of these branches.

It happened to companies listed as Fortune 500.

It happened to companies under the control of large Equity firms.

It happened to companies managed by their families.

Creating a profitable business requires a business strategy.

A strategy that should market the mission of the company to its people. And this strategy should start at the recruiting moment. Otherwise, you risk involving people not aligned with your mission and worst, you risk bringing someone into the belly of your company who can dismantle everything you built.

If you want to build a company that lasts and can face any modern challenges, start by creating a clear manual of your values and working from it in crafting it.

Have you ever asked yourself why partnerships were easier in the past?

It was easy at the beginning of the XX century because people were almost all in the same conditions, shared common principles, and, most importantly, focused on finding solutions to improve their lives and other people’s lives respectfully.

In one hundred years, everything changed. Common sense has disappeared, and for that reason, it’s super difficult to create long and good partnerships. Even the last class member thinks of being a super genius even if he didn’t attend the lesson.

If you want to move from being a junk removal to a waste management company owner, start writing down your values and the essential ones you need in the people you want to hire.

These are not hard skills you can teach.

These are soft skills you need from day one.

Without them, you risk losing your sweat, blood, and tears because these people will only focus on stealing some information, taking your money, and becoming your competitor.

Before any business strategy, you should have a business, and to have a business, you need to create a map of your values and the values you want in the people joining your business.

Only then will you be able to transition from being a solopreneur to launching a profitable waste management company.

For that reason, during my Mastermind Self-Managed Waste Company, I created an entire module on creating a profitable business, transforming your journey from being a junk removal solopreneur to a waste management company owner without losing what you already have created.

I’ll talk to you more about it in the coming days.

All the best


The Waste Management Whisperer 

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Sam Barrili

Sam Barrili I'm known as the go-to guy for helping waste management companies execute growth strategies I started my journey in this field in 2009 when I finished my degree in Toxicological Chemistry and joined a wastewater treatment company to develop its market. Since then, I helped dozens of waste management companies in America and Europe increase their annual profits by over 25 million dollars thanks to my SAM Method.

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