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The Waste Management Consultant is Over

June 14, 20226 min read

Discover Why the Role of a Waste Management Consultant is Becoming Useless and How to Change it by becoming a Marketing Waste Manager.

The end of waste management is nearing.

I know you are wondering “What am I saying?”

But, as I already stated, waste management is nearing its conclusion.

And, bizarre as it may sound, if you work in waste management and aren’t seeing what you’re looking for on the market, you probably need my assistance.

In fact, the world of waste management is changing radically.

The value of waste is rising.

People continue to believe that the most efficient way to use them is to burn them for energy. I’ve had a few conversations about it recently, but the true worth of waste is tied to the ability to collect secondary raw materials for the manufacture of new things.

But bear with me as I walk you through the process one step at a time.

In fact, I just finished reading a fascinating news story on Garbage Management Inc, now known as WM Inc, the world’s largest waste management company.

According to the news, the corporation decided to rebrand itself as WM to eliminate the word waste because nothing is wasted in a circular economy.

Perhaps you think that this has more to do with marketing than with reality, but I assure you that it is not the case.

That’s the expression of what Lavoisier said: “In nature, nothing is created, nothing is lost, everything is transformed”.

Starting with Lavoisier’s viewpoint, it’s easy to see that nothing in nature is a waste, but everything may be a material for use in another manufacturing process.

Why wasn’t this happening in our technologically advanced world?

Or, to put it another way, why is it only now beginning to happen?

Let me tell you that there is just one answer: laziness.

Yes because consumerism has created laziness and wealth.

On the one hand, the laziness of not wanting to bother about something that no longer has value for us, to the point of paying to avoid it. On the other side, the financial security of being able to purchase a new one, possibly an updated version, for a reasonable price.

These two factors have fueled the waste phenomenon.

Or rather the problem.

In fact, when a product is purchased, its equivalent is abandoned in a drawer to be thrown away after some time.

According to a recent survey conducted by an English telephone company, most of us have at least one old smartphone in our drawer that we don’t use and that may be reintroduced into the market as a source of secondary raw materials and, in some circumstances, as a still functioning device.

In short, the waste problem is something we’ve created and continue to tolerate, owing to the fact that waste firms continue to treat waste as waste rather than resources.

This is a business model problem, as I stated in one of the previous newsletters. A business model that tries to profit from the money citizens pay for garbage collection services rather than from the resale of secondary raw materials produced from the collected waste.

However, with the news of WM’s rebranding, it strikes to me that something is clearly shifting.

A change that will not result in any reversals.

This is similar to what occurred during the first industrial revolution.

Since then, the world has never been the same.

And to see it today is akin to the transformation that Elon Musk and Tesla have brought to the automobile industry. 

An epochal change.

That’s why I opened this newsletter with the title The role of the Waste Management Consultant is Over. 

Indeed, as I’ve stated many times, the function of the waste manager is evolving to the point where it’s either evolve or die from a professional standpoint.

As you may be aware, the figure of the waste manager or waste management consultant has seen better days. A little, because the core concept was tied to a world where waste was managed in a linear manner, i.e. you produced the good, utilized it, and then threw it away, and this is where the waste manager or waste consultant came into play. Somewhat, given his primary responsibility was to determine the waste’s optimum final treatment technique.

As you can see, his involvement in both incidents had very little to do with the part he is presently playing. That is, a playmaker who can figure out how and by what means to get the most secondary raw materials out of the waste entering the plant.

And it is precisely because of this that this key figure must develop the marketing and sales skills required to generate both a market and a sales proposition for the valuable materials that the organization collects on a daily basis.

But believe me when I say that this is only the last step in the process.

Yes, since the organizations that are able to have the finest selection at the raw material entrance will increasingly make a difference in the market.

And how do you make this decision?

Simply by using educational marketing that the Marketing Waste Manager or Marketing Waste Consultant will have to master in order to educate their target audience, citizens in the case of municipal solid waste or companies in the case of other types of waste. 

But this will not be enough.

Believe me.

In fact, it will be necessary, if not fundamental, to have a value proposition to offer to one’s target audience in order to make sure that the flow of incoming raw materials is constant and allow one to offer, on the other hand, continuity as a supplier to one’s customers.

In short, this is a radical change.

A change that, using what Darwin said, will see the survival of the species able to adapt better to change. 

But the driver of this change starts precisely from a different vision of waste. In fact, the first step will be to stop considering them as waste and start considering them as materials. 

And only by pursuing this approach toward their target audience will the marketing waste manager or marketing waste consultant be able to guarantee the adaptation that Darwin speaks of.

I know this is not an easy process.

That’s why my team and I, have created the Marketing4Waste MasterClass totally dedicated to providing you with the Marketing and Sales skills to guide you through the process of transformation from Waste Manager or Waste Consultant to Marketing Waste Consultant.

The figure that the market is starting to search for.

In a 9 months course, we will guide you step by step towards the acquisition of the skills of Marketing, Copywriting, Branding, and Social Media Management, to transform your professional role.

Let me tell you that, like all changes, it will be painful for all those who will resist, while it will be pleasant and successful for all those who will embrace it.

Now you have two options:

– stay where you are hoping that the market will be good to you;


– drive the change for you and your career by becoming a Marketing Waste Manager by booking a discovery call here.

Be The Change


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Samuele Barrili

Samuele Barrili is a Waste Management Expert and Business Strategist. Born in Cagliari, Italy, Samuele began his career as a salesman in 2010. After earning a degree in Toxicological Chemistry at the University of Cagliari (Sardinia) and many masters in Waste Treatment, he combined his knowledge to define his mission: save the planet helping 6,000 waste management companies to continue to thrive. After nine years in the field, working as a sales and marketing manager for international firms in waste management, Samuele created M4W Marketing For Waste, the first growth agency focused on helping waste management companies. Marketing4Waste is the first service dedicated to waste management companies.

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